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Welcome to Halo 4 Ricochet Hub!
Thanks for visiting our site! As you already know, this site is based around the incredible Halo 4 game type known as Ricochet! In case you are unfamiliar with this game type, here's a brief overview of what it's all about!

Ricochet - a very intense and addicting game mode in which two teams fight for control of ball (skull) to then use to either throw into the opponents goal or run it in! And it gets better, because you can user weapons! So it's like an awesome version of Grifball with guns and the ability to chuck the ball from far distances into the goal to score for your team!

This game mode was first introduced with the Champions Bundle DLC for Halo 4. It is definitely the coolest game mode ever introduced to Halo, and we're all very excited to see what the community can do with this game mode on their own custom maps!

If you're interested in Ricochet, than THIS is the place to be! Submit videos of your awesome Ricochet plays, talk about your own Ricochet experiences or maps, and see what's going on in the Ricochet community!

Well, that's it! Enjoy the site and feel free to become a member!


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'Party for Rico' | A Halo 4 Ricochet Montage!
by Ninja Pups
Ninja Pups / Sep 03, 2013
Ricochet finally has not only gotten its Separate Playlist but has also been put on maps like Adrift, Solace, Haven, and more! 343 Studios updated the playlist as well today (Tue. September 3rd.) Go log in to your Xbox Live Account and hop on Halo 4 to see the changes! Finally, Ricochet can be played WHENEVER you want, just go to the playlist in the War Games menu! Don't forget to submit clips if you want yours to appear on our website or our YouTube channel!